The Founding document of the Traditional Anglican Movement is the Affirmation of St. Louis. This inspiring document commits us to keeping the Faith that we have received.

Each bishop of the Traditional Anglican Communion promises at his consecration to observe the Concordat, the document that regulates the conduct of the bishops and the life of the TAC.

Selected documents of the Traditional Anglican Communion:

Traditional Anglican Communion – History and Beliefs
Comunión Anglicana Tradicional – Historia y Creencias
Affirmation of Saint Louis, 1977
Concordat of the Traditional Anglican Communion
Statement on the Ordination of Women
Membership – Notice to Aspiring Churches
Membresía – Aviso a las iglesias aspirantes
Requirements for Inter-Communion (Communio in Sacris)
Requisitos para la intercomunión (Communio en Sacris)